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The True Meaning Behind “Wedding Manager”

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Since the holidays, we have been busy on the phones with prospective clients who are looking for a “day of” wedding coordinator.  To be completely honest, the words “day of coordinator” makes my skin crawl.  It gives people the notion that we magically appear on the wedding day and somehow know all of the details of the day and will make everything run perfectly.  I totally can’t blame couples as the term “day of coordinator” is used everywhere!  We decided about 1.5 years ago (after the encouragement of other planners!) to swap out the name “day of coordination” to “wedding management” to better encompass our services.

Can I be real with y’all?  There is SO MUCH more work that goes into making the day run smoother than a one hour meeting before the wedding day.  It is so important when investing in this service that couples understand what (+ why!) goes into executing a flawless wedding day.

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When clients book our wedding management services, our first meeting together takes place three months (yes, THREE months!) prior to the wedding date.  Through our years of experience, we find that this is about the time that couples start thinking “how in the heck is all of this supposed to come together?!” so we love to swoop in and put your mind at ease.  At that meeting, we talk about everything that you have planned up until that point, what is still left to do (+ purchase) as well as chat through the logistics of the weekend.  We also love to start building that relationship early with our clients and their families.  It is us who is there during the most precious moments of your day – as you prepare to walk down the aisle, as you step into your wedding dress for the first time .. etc.  We want to make sure we don’t feel like strangers to you!

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Following our initial meeting together, we are busy touching base with your vendor team and confirming all of the details and logistics of the day (what time are the linens arriving to ensure the floral arrangements come afterwards and then the lighting vendor after that to focus the pin lighting, what time hair and makeup needs to start to ensure the bride has plenty of time to get dressed before the first look … etc).  We know the questions and conversations that need to occur with the vendor team to set up a successful wedding day for everyone.

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Finally, there is always a meeting at the reception site.  We are familiar with the planning process at most of the Cincinnati reception venues so we are sure to plan this accordingly (i.e whether or not we attend the tasting with you, the final meeting .. etc).  It is so important for us to meet with you at the reception space in order to plan out the placement of items as well as for us to make a connection with your venue coordinator.

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We are SO EXCITED to receive so many inquiries for these services.  We hope this information is helpful as you navigate the plans for your big day!

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