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One question that arises all the time during planning meetings is where the heck should the newlyweds sit?  Obviously they will be somewhere center stage but (just like everything else with planning a wedding) the options after that are endless … sweetheart table, family style head table, traditional head table, round table … !!

We’ve gathered a few options for you to help you make the decision that will work best for you and your bridal party.

Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table is just that … sweet.  It’s perfect for the couple who knows that they will want some alone time during the reception to take a breath and enjoy dinner together.  This is also a great option for couples who can’t decide who to sit with for dinner!

Sweetheart Table + Family Style Head Table

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Although family style head tables can be a lot of fun, it may be a bit overwhelming for some couples.  We love the option of putting close family and/or the bridal party at a family style head table with a sweetheart table capped at the end.

Sit with Guests

We’ve seen more and more couples deciding not to have a special table for them or the bridal party and instead sit with their guests.  We think this is perfect for the couple who doesn’t dig being the center of attention (at least for a few minutes of the night :).

Family Style Seating

Family style for your head table can be a lot of fun!  This is a great option for large bridal parties or couples who want to incorporate bridal party dates into the head table.

Traditional Head Table

Last but not least .. the traditional head table!

xx Maura

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