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How many of you want something unique and unforgettable for your wedding?  Yep, that’s what I thought … all of you.  The number one thing I hear when I meet with brides and grooms is that they want the elements of their wedding to be something that is personal to them and their style and it is my job to guide them there.

The very first item that is purchased for the wedding is a lil ‘ol ring that sits on your finger for the rest of your life.  Only makes sense to start there, right?  I love the idea of designing your own engagement ring (and wedding bands).  Not only does if reflect your personal style but it tells a story.

Check out these stunning custom rings from GemSteady …

Ring1 Ring2 Ring3Ring4Ring5

Still looking for that something NEW??  How about a pair of custom bridal earrings?  I love the ones in the first photo because the teardrop is removable to create studs that you can wear long after the big day!


And don’t forget about your ‘maids … I always tell my brides to give them something that they will ACTUALLY wear again (c’mon, ladies, you know you would appreciate the same!)

Maids1 Maids2

All of this jewelry was designed and created by GemSteady, a local jeweler located the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area.  Supporting a local business + creating something personal for your weddings sounds like a win win to me!

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xx Maura

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