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The Perfect BOHO Bride


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This morning as I enjoyed my morning coffee while pinning away on Pinterest, I found myself continuing to circle back to the same bridal look:  BOHO chic.  This got me thinking … is there a flower child somewhere behind the high heels, blonde hair and black leather leggings?  Interested in learning more about the history of bohemian fashion, I googled “BOHO fashion” and came across the following definition:  “A style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences.”  Thanks to the Olsen twins, BOHO fashion hit mainstream around 2005.


But, is it more than just a look?  Is it a lifestyle or a state of being?  Often times a “bohemian” person is an optimist, free spirit and adventurous expressing themselves through fashion.

The internet is overflowing with BOHO wedding looks likely to overwhelm the freest of spirits.  I have gathered my favorite looks and made a list on how to obtain the perfect BOHO bridal look:

1.  boho HAIR

Whether you wear your hair up or down, make sure it is loose and relaxed.  Adding a headband or soft flowers makes it even more beautifully bohemian.

2.  boho DRESS

BOHO bridal dresses are soft and flowy yet intricate in a subtle way using lace, fabric, ribbon or soft beading


Tying in the perfect accessory can make a big statement and is essential to completing your BOHO look

.  4.  boho BRIDAL BOUQUET

Think a bridal bouquet has to be white?  Think again!  Unstructured, loose flowers with pops of color create the perfect BOHO bridal bouquet

5.  boho ATTITUDE

Remember to keep a true bohemian attitude on your wedding day to complete the perfect BOHO bridal look … care-free, optimistic and joyful!

Here’s a picture of my beautiful Mother rockin’ BOHO perfection on her wedding day 42 years ago.  Now I know where my inner flower child came from ….


xx Maura

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  1. Amber

    December 30th, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    Love this! It looks like my Pinterest boards! So I guess "Boho Chic" is my style 🙂